Reduce the purchasing process for your customers.


Minimize the steps in your purchasing process and make it easy to buy on your website. If your business wants to attract more customers, offer accounts, or simply make the shopping experience more enjoyable – single click buys are the way to go.

The best solution for a good shopping experience

Why do I need single-click?

Well, you can allow for such a feature once you've collected your customers information at least once. Allowing your customer to sign up or register for an account on your website, means that their data can be stored once they make their first transaction. That transaction can be done through either API or Secure Form. Later transactions are done through API by withdrawing from an already recognized account (using the ID of the previous transaction).

This service is becoming more and more popular as it allows for comfortable shopping, diminishes the possibility of abandoned carts, and allows the customer to shop faster therefore making him want to buy more. For examples on how to implement single click payments, visit our Developer Zone.

How does single-click work?

Single click payments are a way for your store to offer the quickest possible way of purchasing. Your customers no longer have to fill in their personal information and credit card data every time they pay on your website. Because the process of paying is brought down to just one simple click of a button, potential customers are more likely to return to your store and are more likely to follow through with their purchase.

The best solution for a good shopping experience